AirSim Advance Combo

Product Code Description
AirSim Advance Combo CTC91100 AirSim Advance Combo Model

*Please be aware this product contains natural rubber latex.

The AirSim® Advance Combo combines the uniquely constructed AirSim® airway with the enhanced addition of tracheal rings, simulated cricoid and laryngeal cartilages.

This combination of features delivers a high quality solution for the practise of realistic airway management, percutaneous tracheostomy and emergency cricothyroidotomy training.

Product Features
  • A wraparound replaceable neck skin which facilitates up to 20 incisions thus improving efficiency.
  • Optional subcutaneous fat tissue to demonstrate more difficult tracheostomy and cricothyroidotomy procedures.
  • Realistic features which include; palpable cricoid landmarks, laryngeal cartilages and tracheal rings to provide positive user feedback and easy identification of the sternal notch.
  • The ‘AirSim®’ airway which provides realistic feedback during airway management procedures.
  • A nasal passage which has been developed in a manner similar to the AirSim® airway. Providing an anatomically correct nasal cavity, important landmarks such as the turbinates are clearly defined.
  • An inflatable tongue with real-life size and texture.
  • ‘Real feel’ skin covering for added realism.
Ideal for training in:
  • Needle and surgical cricothyroidotomy
  • Percutaneous tracheostomy
  • Double naso-tracheal intubation
  • Bag and Mask ventilation techniques
  • Full range of supraglottic devices
  • Direct laryngoscopy
  • Endotracheal tube insertion
  • Awake fibre optic examination
  • Combi tube insertion
  • Video laryngoscopy (including Sellick Manoeuvre)
  • Naso gastric tube insertion techniques
Recommended equipment sizes:
  • 7.0-7.5 mm ID for nasal intubation
  • 8.0-9.0 mm ID for oral intubation
  • Size 3-5 for LMA laryngeal masks
  • Similar respective sizes for other supraglottic devices
Package Contents
  • 1 Black carrier case
  • 1 USB pen drive user manual
  • 1 Bottle of lubrication
  • 3 Blue adult lung bag
  • 5 Larynx inserts (1 supplied on the manikin and 4 spare)
  • 1 wrap around neck skin (as supplied on manikin)
Recommended consumables:
  • RSN1005- Wrap around neck skin attachments (pack of 5)
  • NLX020- Larynx Inserts (pack of 20)
  • NLX050- Larynx Inserts (pack of 50)
  • TL001- Trucorp® Lubrication
  • SFT100- Subcutaneous Fat tissue (pack of 5)