TruSuture Pad

Direct Laryngoscopy

Product Description
TruSuture Pad The realistic three-layer pad

The TruSuture Pad has been designed for practicing a range of incision and suture training techniques.

The realistic three-layer pad allows the user to identify skin, fat tissue and muscle layers.

Product Features
  • Realistic skin feel
  • Durable pad which allows the practice of multiple suture skills over the same incision
  • Pad dimensions: 12cm x 7.5cm x 1cm
Ideal for training in:
  • Incisions including; linear, ellipse, flaps, shaped
  • Interrupted suturing (simple and advance)
  • Subcuticular suturing
  • Barbed suturing
  • Continuous suturing
  • Subcuticular undermining
  • Stapling
Package Contents
  • 5 TruSuture Pads