Ordering and Shipment

We require all orders to be submitted with our distributor or directly with Trucorp. Orders can be taken by fax, post and email with the submission of a purchase order. An email confirmation will be sent to the buyer/purchaser within 24 hours of TruCorp receiving the order and any queries will be discussed at this time.

If ordering within the European Union for the first time please provide your VAT number.

For all customers that need additional paperwork or documents to ensure successful importation of our goods, must let Trucorp know of these upon placing an order to ensure enough time for arranging the documents.

Full import taxes/duty will be paid by the customer upon acceptance of the shipment unless otherwise stated by Trucorp.

Care, Handling and Storage

All our models contain polymer materials that if stored in direct sunlight or stored in temperatures other than that stated in the user manual will directly affect the quality and shelf life of the models. Always consult the usage/cleaning instructions supplied with the user manual for each product to ensure maximum model efficiency. When possible please transport the models in the carrier case provided to ensure adequate protection.