TruCorp Intubation Manikins for Emergency Medical Training
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High Quality Silicone

Skin covering is durable with lifelike texture. Manikin head has realistic neck and jaw mobility.

AirSim® Nasal Passage

Anatomically correct nasal cavity including clearly defined internal landmarks such as turbinates.

AirSim® Airway

Visually accurate, anatomically correct and accredited for over 20,000 intubation cycles without fail.

Inflatable Tongue

With real-life size and texture. Introduce air to simulate tongue edema for advanced practice.

Larynx Membrane Insert

Provides lifelike resistance for cricothyroid membrane and tracheal rings.

Internal Anatomical Detail

Includes carina, bronchus and bronchioles, accurate down to 4th generation bronchi.

Bronchoscopy training manikin
AirSim advance intubation trainers
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TruCorp’s Truman Trauma is a durable and realistic training manikin for medical professionals featuring an anatomically correct adult torso and head, AirSim® Airway & replaceable tissues. Ideal for practicing:
  • Needle decompression of tension pneumothorax
  • Haemothorax chest tube insertion
  • Full range of airway management techniques
  • CPR
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Frequently Asked Questions
Does the AirSim® Advance Bronchi X require assembly?
No! All TruCorp manikins are delivered ready for use. Simply ensure the head is in the correct postion (sniffing or neutral) and lubricate the airway.
What types of lubrication can be used during intubation practice?
We recommend TruCorp Lubrication sold online.
What airway devices can be practiced with AirSim® Advance Bronchi X?
All current airway devices will perform well due to the anatomical precision of TruCorp manikins. This includes all single use varieties of the laryngeal mask, laryngeal tube, videoscopes, fibreoptic and CombiTube.

TruCorp® Professional Grade Intubation Manikins

Airway Management & Emergency Medical Training

TruCorp® airway intubation mannequins and medical training products are designed based on CT DICOM data scanned from human patients.

TruCorp®’s professional grade teaching manikins bring airway management training to life featuring:

Innovative AirSim® Airway

The AirSim® airway is the most realistic and durable simulation airway on the market. AirSim® is tested and certified for 20,000+ intubation cycles and comes with a 5-year warranty on all AirSim® X models. Difficult airway options are available for advanced training on adult medical training manikins.

Medical Simulation App for Android & Apple

TruMonitor is a patient monitor simulator developed for smartphones and tablets (including iPad). Run our easy training platform on a single device or pair of devices and add unlimited additional users.

You can easily create complex medical scenarios and even access radiology, protocols and clinical images from your own photo album. TruMonitor is perfect for courses, exams and recruitment interviews. Buy online or contact TruCorp for a free 21-day trial.

Contact an airway management product specialist for a quote on high-volume purchases or more information.
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