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ALS Manikins

Adult & Pediatric ALS Trainers

ALS manikin

The TruMan Trauma X ALS manikin provides lifelike training in a variety of life threatening situations.


TruCorp ALS manikins are easy to transport, quick to set up and designed to withstand repeated use in a busy classroom setting. Our advanced ALS trainers are ideal for EMS & paramedic training and teaching in a wide range of airway management courses.

Advantages include:

Our patient monitor simulator app can be used alongside our ALS manikins to integrate clinical decision-making, crew resource management and clinical task/procedure training.

Replacement parts and consumables for our advanced life support trainers are fast and easy to interchange for efficient training.

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Full Torso ALS Manikin

Our TruMan Trauma X system provides realistic training in airway management, emergency surgical procedures and resuscitation techniques in emergency trauma situations. Medical procedure training includes:

Pediatric ALS Manikins

TruCorp child and infant ALS trainers help teach:

Get more details on the AirSim Child Combo Bronchi X or view all child and baby training manikins.

Adult ALS Trainers

Our adult medical training manikins facilitate training in lifesaving skills including:

Explore the AirSim Combo Bronchi X or view all adult training manikins.

Practice ALS Scenarios with Medical Simulation App

The TruMonitor patient simulator for Apple can be shared with numerous other users and is an ideal training platform for:

Easily simulate a patient monitoring device on your smartphone or tablet using WiFi or Bluetooth connection.

Ultrasound simulator for emergency medicine training

TruNerve Block is a 3-in-1 ultrasound simulator that’s durable, realistic and easy to set up and use. TruNerve Block is ideal for emergency medicine, trainee anesthetists, surgical training programs, and many types of medical education facilities.

Advanced Life Support Training Equipment & Software Available Worldwide

TruCorp medical training manikins and the TruMonitor App are the most realistic and accessible ALS training resources on the market. Contact a product specialist for a free demonstration, a 21-day trial of the simulator app or custom pricing when ordering multiple units.

Contact us online to schedule a free ALS manikin demonstration.
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