TruCorp Intubation Manikins for Emergency Medical Training

Airway Management Training with AirSim®

TruCorp® medical training manikins were developed to improve patient safety and treatment. Our premium airway trainers are ideal for practicing and refining a full range of airway management techniques including intubation, tracheostomy and cricothyroidotomy.

Realistic Practice in Basic and Advanced Airway Management Procedures

The internal and external anatomical accuracy of TruCorp® airway trainers is second to none, giving experienced and novice trainees a true to life training experience. Adult, child and infant airway manikin trainers provide positive user feedback during airway management procedures and feature the uniquely constructed AirSim® X airway. Difficult airway options are also available.

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Realistic and Durable Intubation Training Manikins

Our innovative AirSim® airway was designed using CT DICOM data collected from adults, children and infants. The result is an accurate representation of the oral and nasopharyngeal airway ideal for training with a full range of airway management equipment and devices including:

Airway Management in Emergencies

TruCorp® airway intubation trainers provide lifelike training in emergency lifesaving airway management techniques including:

Realistic anatomy and movement allow trainees to prepare for real life emergency airway management. Our airway trainers feature full head tilt, chin lift and jaw thrust capabilities and successful ventilation produces an accurate rise and fall of the chest.

Watch AirSim® product videos or contact an airway management product specialist for a free demonstration at your organization.
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