TruCorp Intubation Manikins for Emergency Medical Training
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Advanced CPR Manikins

TruMan Trauma X®
TruCorp TruMan Trauma X trauma training manikin
TruCorp TruMan Trauma X trauma training manikin
TruMan Trauma X®
Airway management, surgical simulation & resuscitation training
TruBaby X®
infant manikin for medical training
infant manikin for medical training
TruBaby X®
Airway management, venous cannulation, lumbar puncture, PICC line insertion, needle thoracentesis, IO tibia, uretheral catheterization & CPR

Resuscitation, Airway Management & Emergency Medical Training

Advanced CPR manikin

The TruMan Trauma X is an advanced CPR manikin for training in resuscitation, airway management & more.

Adult CPR Manikin

The TruMan Trauma X System is ideal for training in cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), intubation, and emergency medical procedures for life-threatening trauma.

CPR training features:

The TruMan Trauma X system also facilitates training in:

The TruMan Trauma X comes with a carrying bag to protect the manikin during transportation or storage. Learn more about the TruMan Trauma X including manikin details, images, video and user manual.

Infant CPR manikin

infant CPR manikin

TruBaby X facilitates realistic infant CPR training with visual feedback & lifelike responsiveness.

The TruBaby X System is a pediatric clinical skills trainer & infant CPR mannequin ideal for training in resuscitation and a wide range of clinical skills featuring:

TruBaby also facilitates training in airway management, peripheral venous cannulation, lumbar puncture and many other techniques.

With accurate anatomy and realistic look and feel of tissues, TruBaby X is an ideal infant CPR trainer to help improve practitioner confidence and pediatric patient outcomes.

CPR Manikin with MonitorCPR manikin with monitor

TruMonitor, our patient monitor simulator app, can be used alongside the TruMan Trauma to integrate emergency decision-making, adjust patient vital signs in real time and simulate defibrillation, pacing and ECG artefact. TruMonitor is easy to set up and use, works on iOS and Andoid smartphones and tablets, and comes with a free 21-day trial.

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CPR Manikin for Advanced Resuscitation Training Worldwide

Full body CPR mannequin

TruBaby X® X is a full-body CPR manikin facilitating training in multiple clinical skills.

Headquartered in Belfast, Ireland, TruCorp provides health professionals across the globe with advanced CPR and airway training manikins.

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Our clients include hospitals, combat medic & military first aid training programs, universities independent CPR and airway management course instructors, nursing and medical students, and many others looking for a versatile and durable training manikins for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Whether you're looking for an adult or infant resuscitation manikin, contact us for a free virtual demo and worldwide shipping.

CPR manikin with airway

Half-body CPR manikin

TruMan Trauma X® X is the most realistic & versatil half-body (head and torso) CPR training manikin on the market.

TruCorp CPR manikins include our innovative AirSim X airway, based on CT-DICOM data from real patients. Both trainers allow training in CPR plus a range of airway management techniques including:

Both models have a realistic range of movement in the neck and jaw assembly for realistic practice in airway management procedures. Our trainers are designed to be quick to set up, and replacement parts exchange easily.

3-in-1 ultrasound simulator

The TruNerve block® ultrasound simulator is ideal for emergency medicine and simulation centers. Features our exclusive self-healing TruUltra material, colour Doppler visualization and an innovative fluid management system that replicates realistic blood flow and positive flashback. Build lifesaving skills by training in ultrasound-guided IV cannulation, ultrasound bone fracture identification and ultrasound guided regional anesthesia.

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