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Chest Tube Trainers

TruMan Trauma X®
TruCorp TruMan Trauma X trauma training manikin
TruCorp TruMan Trauma X trauma training manikin
TruMan Trauma X®
Airway management, surgical simulation & resuscitation training
TruBaby X®
infant manikin for medical training
infant manikin for medical training
TruBaby X®
Airway management, venous cannulation, lumbar puncture, PICC line insertion, needle thoracentesis, IO tibia, uretheral catheterization & CPR

Realistic & durable chest tube simulators

Chest tube trainer

TruMan Trauma X provides lifelike training in chest tube placement, insertion & draining.

Chest tube insertion allows air or fluid trapped in the pleural space a one-way escape, allowing the lungs to expand and relieving pressure on the heart. A chest tube is also called chest drain, intercostal drain, pleural drain, tube thoracostomy or thoracic catheter.

The TruMan Trauma X system is an anatomically correct training manikin ideal for chest tube simulation, needle decompression of tension pneumothorax and many other medical procedures.

TruMan Trauma X is ideal for teaching and training chest drain procedure including:

TruMan Trauma X comes supplied with two chest tube inserts, lubrication and additional consumables and accessories. It features a cavity for optional liquids to simulate haemothorax or pleural effusion.

Materials representing skin, fat and muscle tissue have a realistic look and feel optimal for surgical incision training. The chest structure has lifelike responsiveness during technique practice.

Pediatric chest tube trainer

pediatric chest tube trainer

Practice the Seldinger technique & needle thoracentesis with TruBaby X.

TruBaby X is a complete solution for pediatric clinical skills training including chest tube placement.

Trainees benefit from realistic practice in pediatric chest drain insertion (air only). TruBaby X facilitates both the Seldinger chest train insertion technique and the needle thoracentesis approach for treatment of pneumothorax.

The manikin comes supplied with 4 chest drain inserts (2 left, 2 right). Each insert can be used one time for the Seldinger approach (size 8 chest tube), or a single insert can facilitate more than 150 needle penetrations (18G needle).

Chest Tube Manikins for Effective Medical Training

Our chest tube training manikins allow emergency physicians, nurses, paramedics, field medics and other healthcare professionals to benefit from realistic hands-on training in lifesaving medical procedures.

Chest drain inserts are made from durable silicone simulating real skin texture for lifelike palpation of intercostal spaces.

TruCorp designs and manufactures the world's most lifelike EMS training manikins and intubation trainers. Contact us for pricing, or to schedule a Zoom call for a free virtual product demonstration:

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Advanced Chest Tube Simulation

Chest tube placement in the 6th intercostal space of a chest tube mannequin

Realistic hands-on training advances medical skill training for improved patient outcomes.

The TruMan Trauma X® X system is a lifelike chest tube trauma manikin (and surgical airway trainer) providing realistic skill training in pre-hospital chest trauma management.

Replaceable chest drain inserts are available in economy and premium versions, sold in pairs and labeled for use on the left or right side of manikin.

Both hemothorax chest drain inserts allow trainers to include liquid to simulate hemothorax.

Premium hemothorax chest drain inserts include three layers of tissue representing skin, fat and muscle for realistic surgical incision training.

Economy hemothorax chest drain inserts are made from one solid layer, creating a low cost solution for training in multiple scenarios (perfect for ATLS courses).

We also sell a Super Saver Trauma X Training Pack for cost-effective training for 50 students (more than 20% discount).

All TurCorp manikin consumables interchange quickly and easily to facilitate efficient training.

Chest Tube Placement Training

Tube thoracostomy can be used to drain air, blood, pus, bile or other fluids from the pleural cavity to treat thoracic injuries. Chest tubes can also be inserted to treat empyema (an infection in the pleural cavity) or pneumothorax (collapsed lung).

Chest tube insertion is most commonly done in the 5th, 6th or 7th intercostal space at the posterior axillary line. The precise location of chest tube insertion depends on the condition being treated.

The TruMan Trauma X® X manikin is ideal for training in accurate chest tube placement to advance medical skill training and improve patient outcomes. Made from durable materials, our simulation manikins are designed to withstand repeated use in a busy classroom setting.

Contact TruCorp for pricing or to request a free virtual demonstration on a Zoom call with one of our staff.
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