TruCorp Intubation Manikins for Emergency Medical Training

Cricothyrotomy Training Manikins

cricothyroidotomy training manikin

The AirSim Combo X facilitates training in cricothyrotomy, intubation, diagnostic techniques and more.

The world's most lifelike surgical airway trainers

TruCorp® premium medical training manikins are ideal for demonstrating and practicing cricothyrotomy techniques including needle and surgical cric procedures. True to life internal and external anatomy includes a real-feel skin covering, visible and palpable landmarks and positive user feedback.

Adult cricothyrotomy training manikins:

Pediatric cricothyrotomy manikins:

Replaceable larynx & neck skin for surgical cric trainers

TruCorp parts and consumables are fast and easy to replace, and the wraparound neck skin covering facilitates up to 20 incisions. Shop cric manikin consumables online or contact us for manikin pricing and demonstrations for your organization.

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Subcutaneous Fat Tissue for Obese Cricothyrotomy Training

Obese patients have excess fatty tissue on the neck and upper airway, making surgical airway management more difficult.

TruCorp has created several types of simulated subcutaneous fat tissue to provide advanced airway management training and improve patient outcomes in difficult cricothyrotomies in obese patients.

All types of simulated fat tissue are for sale online and come in packs of 5. We ship worldwide.

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Adult & Pediatric Cricothyrotomy Training Manikins

All TruCorp Surgical Cric Trainers:

pediatric cricothyrotomy training manikin

The AirSim Child Combo X has accurate anatomy based on CT DICOM data from a 6-year-old.

Additional Medical Procedure Training:

Cricothyrotomy Training Manikin Features:

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