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Difficult Airway Management Training Equipment

TruCorp® has designed and developed a range of difficult airways in collaboration with Dr. Rich Levitan. Our difficult airway options demonstrate clinical variance in airway management training.

Difficult Airway 1 features enlarged tongue edema with swollen posterior cartilages and elongated epiglottis.

Difficult Airway 2 features enlarged tongue edema with an elongated notched epiglottis.

All TruCorp® AirSim® airways are constructed using CT DICOM data from real patients for visual and anatomical accuracy. Standard and difficult AirSim® airways are certified for over 20,000 intubation cycles and come with a 5-year warranty.

Lifesaving Training in Difficult Airway Management

Many of our intubation trainers have an inflatable tongue to simulate edema for difficult airway management practice. Our difficult airway trainers help medical professionals including anesthesiologists prepare for difficulty in airway management including airway assessment, airway obstruction, difficult and failed intubation, supraglottic airway device insertion and cricothyroidotomy.

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TruCorp® Difficult Airway Management Training Manikins for Sale Online

Adult and Pediatric Difficult Airway Training Manikins

TruCorp® airway intubation trainers with the difficult airway option include:

Replaceable standard and difficult airway parts are sold separately and interchange easily for efficient training.

Our AirSim® Pierre Robin X manikin highlights difficult airway management techniques for infants with Pierre Robin Sequence (PRS) featuring an airway with various congenital defects.

Best Value in Difficult Airway Training Products

TruCorp® airway trainers are extremely durable, require minimal setup and feature replaceable tissues for fast and effective medical procedure training.

TruCorp® has also developed a medical simulator app to simulate a patient monitoring device which can be used alongside our AirSim® training manikins.

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