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EMS Training Manikins

Airway Management Trainers for Paramedics & EMS providers

EMS training manikin

TruMan Trauma X provides lifelike training for professionals responding to life threatening situations.

TruCorp has the world’s most realistic medical skill teaching and training manikins. Our anatomically accurate adult and pediatric trainers provide comprehensive CPR, airway management and surgical skill training.

Our product range provides training in basic and advanced life support techniques including:

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"Our Clinical Air Division (2 Helicopters and 1 Fixed Wing) has evaluated your AirSim Combo and TruMan Trauma manikin and we are very pleased with this product. The support TruCorp has given us and the excellent detail and workmanship of your products is outstanding. We feel the Truman Trauma is the most advanced, yet affordable trauma simulator on the market today and we look forward to training all 30 of our flight crew members on our new Chest Tube Insertion Protocol utilizing your TruMan Trauma. Thank you again."

-Keith Carter, Critical Care Flight Paramedic

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Adult EMS manikins

pediatric EMS manikin for airway management training

AirSim Child Combo X has anatomically correct internal features.

Truman Trauma X
Adult head and torso for CPR, surgical airway management & chest tube insertion.

AirSim Combo X
Adult intubation head for advanced airway management & BVM.

Pediatric EMS manikins

AirSim Child Combo X
Pediatric intubation manikin for surgical airway management & ventilation training.

AirSim Baby X
Anatomically correct infant airway trainer for intubation, supraglottic device insertion & ventilation.

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EMS Training Manikins

The World’s Most Realistic Trainers for EMS & Paramedic Airway Management

TruCorp makes realistic and durable medical skill training manikins for efficient skills practice and improved patient safety. Our products are made by professionals, for professionals, combining high-level performance with ease of use and portability.

TruCorp manikins are used worldwide by EMS providers including EMTs, paramedics, fire fighters, first responders, law enforcement, combat medics and rescuers.

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