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Intraosseous Trainers

TruInfant IO Leg
Infant IO training leg 1kg TINIOLEG1
Infant IO training leg 1kg TINIOLEG1
TruInfant IO Leg
Realistic IO training leg based on 5-month-old infant
TruBaby X®
infant manikin for medical training TB10001X
infant manikin for medical training TB10001X
TruBaby X®
Airway management, venous cannulation, PICC line, lumbar puncture, needle thoracentesis, IO tibia, uretheral catheterization & CPR

Lifelike training in IO needle placement

Infant intraosseous trainer for realistic practice TB10001X in IO infusion

Practice intraosseous injection at the proximal tibia on TruBaby X.

TruCorp’s infant IO training manikin TruBaby X is the most realistic and durable IO training manikin and task trainer available. Built to withstand heavy use in classrooms and simulation centers, this training model is ideal for nurses, anaesthetists and other medical professionals.

Intraosseous infusion (IO) is used to deliver fluids or medication when intravenous (IV) access is not possible. IO can also be used to collect blood samples.

Pediatric IO trainer features

TruBaby X is a complete solution for pediatric clinical skills training including IO needle insertion featuring:

Infant IO leg

IO trainer TINIOLEG1

TruInfant IO Leg is a durable, easy-to-use task trainer for IO practice.

TruInfant IO Leg facilitates training in IO tibial insertion and features a proximal tibia interosseous needle insertion site with accurate anatomical landmarks and realistic look and feel of simulated skin, fat and muscle tissues.

The proximal tibia is the preferred site for intraosseous infusion in infants. The TruInfant IO Leg features anatomically correct tibial tuberosity and patella anatomy which facilitates the identification of the proximal tibia intraosseous needle insertion site. Practitioners will feel realistic resistance when penetrating the medullary cavity.

This durable task trainer comes ready to use with no set-up required, and replacement IO inserts are fast and easy to change.

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TruCorp designs and manufactures the world’s most durable and lifelike medical training manikins and task trainers, and offers free virtual demonstrations. Contact us for pricing, or to schedule a Zoom call with one of our staff:

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What is intraosseous infusion?

When establishing an intravenous line in an infant is very difficult or impossible, IO infusion is a technique used to create a non-collapsible point of entry and gain vascular access.

Long bones have marrow cavities (aka medullary cavities) made up of venous sinusoids, which are irregular blood vessel structures forming a spongy network. These sinusoids in the marrow cavity drain into a central venous canal which then drains into the main circulation system.

There are many sites containing marrow that have the potential for intraosseous infusion. In infants, the preferred site is the proximal tibia.

The absorption rate from intraosseous and intravenous access is comparable. IO access is more common in pre-hospital settings.

Realistic medical training manikins and equipment for IO insertion and more

TruCorp training manikins allow for lifelike practice in a wide range of lifesaving techniques including:

We also offer a patient monitor simulator which can be used alongside a training manikin to integrate clinical decision-making and other skills.

Contact a product specialist online for pricing and a free virtual demonstration.
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