TruCorp Intubation Manikins for Emergency Medical Training

IV Trainers

TruBaby X
infant manikin for medical training
infant manikin for medical training
TruBaby X
Airway management, venous cannulation, lumbar puncture, PICC line insertion, needle thoracentesis, IO tibia, uretheral catheterization & CPR
TruNerve Block
Ultrasound training block model
Ultrasound training block model
TruNerve Block
TruNerveBlock is a 3-in-1 model for trainee anesthetists to develop, practice & maintain the skills necessary to use ultrasound for guiding regional anesthesia & vascular access procedures. Allows effective practice of routine IV cannulation & additional nerve bundles for regional anaesthesia.

Realistic practice in IV cannulation & PICC line insertion

PICC Line trainer

Practice PICC line training through multiple veins & locations on TruBaby X.

TruCorp IV trainers are designed to be the most lifelike and durable manikins and task trainers available. Built to withstand repeated use in a busy classroom setting, both the TruBaby X and TruNerve Block trainers feature easily interchangeable parts and consumables to provide maximum hands-on training for medical professionals.

Pediatric IV cannulation training

TruBaby X facilitates peripheral venous cannulation practice in the arm or foot. Accurate venous anatomy allows for needle cannulation in multiple locations.

A fully-enclosed fluid management system gives realistic feedback and has adjustable flow (fluids can be withdrawn and administered). The durable materials permit 300+ needle punctures with no leaks (when using recommended gauge sizes).

The TruBaby X arm and leg can also be detached and used as a standalone arm/leg IV cannulation task trainer.

Neonatal PICC line insertion training

The TruBaby X also facilitates PICC line training in infants including the complete PICC line procedure: guidewire insertion, dilation, and full cannulation.

Practice peripherally inserted catheterization through the basilica, brachial, or cephalic veins (all visually located).

The speed of the simulated blood can be changed between slow, medium or fast blood flow to increase difficulty.

Ultrasound guided IV insertion training

IV task trainer

Trainees can practice ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia, vascular access procedures & routine IV cannulation on the TruNerve Block.

TruNerve Block is a versatile 3-in-1 ultrasound training block model and task trainer featuring anatomically correct vessels and nerves in soft, responsive tissue. Trainees can practice ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia and vascular access procedures as well as routine IV cannulation.

Product features:

Once users accurately access the blood vessels within the model, positive blood flow provides feedback that the targeted vessel has been cannulated.

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What is IV cannulation?

IV trainer

TruBaby X arm and leg can detach to be used as standalone IV task trainers.

Intravenous cannulation is when a cannula (a small, thin plastic tube) is placed in a vein to allow for blood drawing or administration of fluids including medication.

IV insertion techniques

Intravenous insertion is an essential skill that requires practice and confidence to perform successfully. Our professional-grade IV trainers have been developed to provide an advanced medical training experience to improve patient safety and treatment.

IV insertion techniques that can be practiced using TruCorp trainers include:

In addition to IV insertion, our training manikins facilitate practice in a wide range of critical skills including airway management, CPRchest tube insertion and more.

IV training for nurses & other medical professionals

IV cannulation training model

Our unique TruUltra material feels real & self-heals from most needle incisions within 24 hours.

TruCorp IV trainers are ideal for emergency medicine, radiology, surgical training programs, simulation centers and many other organizations. Our products are also used by medical device manufacturers to demonstrate and sell their products.

TruNerve Block is an efficient task trainer for trainee anesthetists to develop, practice and maintain the skills necessary to use ultrasound for guiding regional anesthesia and vascular access procedures.

TruBaby X is a complete pediatric clinical skills training manikin ideal for nurses, anesthetists, EMTs & paramedics, medical assistants and other healthcare industry professionals.

Our TruMonitor patient monitor simulator app can be used alongside our other products to integrate clinical decision-making with medical technique training.

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