Tru Corp Intubation Manikins for Emergency Medical Training
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Pediatric lumbar puncture simulator

TruBaby X®
infant manikin for medical training TB10001X
infant manikin for medical training TB10001X
TruBaby X®
Airway management, venous cannulation, PICC line, lumbar puncture, needle thoracentesis, IO tibia, uretheral catheterization & CPR

Realistic infant LP trainer

TruBaby X has the appearance, weight, size and movement of a 5-month-old infant and facilitates lifelike lumbar puncture training among other medical procedures.

Manikin features:

Lumbar puncture features:

Free pediatric lumbar puncture simulator demo

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Pediatric LP trainer for efficient practicepediatric lumbar puncture simulator TB10001X

TruBaby X® X ships fully assembled in a durable carry case that can be used for transportation and storage. All inserts and consumables are designed to be replaced/refilled quickly to allow for efficient training in a classroom setting.

Pediatric lumbar puncture training in medical scenarios

TruBaby X® X can be used alongside our patient monitor simulator app to integrate clinical decision-making with technique practice. TruMonitor® is an easy-to-use training platform simulating a patient monitoring device, available for both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

Versatile pediatric lumbar puncture trainer for LP practice and more

TruBaby X® X is an ideal clinical skills training model for DOPS, PALS and emergency medicine training. In one manikin medical professionals can train in lumbar puncture, airway management, CPR, IV cannulation, IO needle insertion, chest tube insertionurethral catheterization and more.

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