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Nursing Simulation Manikins

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TruCorp manikins and task trainers facilitate skills training for a wide range of nursing professionals including:

Our adult and pediatric simulation manikins are designed using CT DICOM data from real patients for a lifelike training experience and improved patient outcomes.

Adult nursing manikin

nursing simulation mannequin used to practice needle decompression TTR2000X

TruMan Trauma X facilitates training in needle decompression & many other nursing skills.

The TruMan Trauma X system can be used to teach and train several clinical and advanced nursing skills including:

The innovative design of our trauma manikin is built to withstand repeated use in a busy classroom setting. It requires minimal maintenance, and consumables such as neck skin and chest drain inserts are easily replaceable.

Pediatric nursing manikin

TruBaby X is a pediatric clinical skills trainer ideal for nurses, anesthetists & other medical professionals practicing DOPS including infant airway management, CPR, catheterization and many other procedures:

pediatric nurse training manikin used to practice PICC line insertion TB10001X

TruBaby X can be used to practice PICC line insertion with or without ultrasound guidance.

TruBaby X also has an optional arm facilitating ultrasound-guided IV and PICC line training for nurses.

Patient monitor simulator for nursing education

TruMonitor is a versatile patient monitor simulator that can be used alongside our airway manikins to integrate clinical decision-making, crew resource management and clinical task/procedure training. TruMonitor can be used to easily create simple or complex scenarios including shock, dehydration, heart attack or COPD. Patient parameters can be changed to simulate adults, newborns, pediatric patients or elderly patients. Visit the product page for a link to register for a free 30-day trial of TruMonitor.

Our nurse training manikins and task trainers ship worldwide. We offer custom pricing for volume orders and free product demonstrations.

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Airway management nursing skills

mannequin for training in airway assessment and basic airway management for nurses AA91100X

The lifelike 'real feel' silicone skin covering provides realistic BVM practice.

Our lifelike airway manikins can be used to practice a wide range of basic and advanced airway management techniques including:

TruCorp airway manikins provide realistic airway management simulation training for nurses, to prepare to carry out basic airway management and assist in advanced airway management. The innovative AirSim X Airway is certified for over 20,000 intubation cycles and backed by a five-year warranty.

Typically only advanced practice nurses (such as nurse anesthetists or Air & Surface Transport Nurses) are trained in intubation techniques. Understanding the procedure and equipment used is still important for nurses who may be called to assist in emergency airway management.

Nurse IV training

TruCorp IV task trainers can be used to facilitate IV training for nurses whether earning IV certification for the first time or taking a refresher course.

Our innovative TruUltra material makes vascular access practice more cost-effective. TruUltra withstands repeated needle insertions during training sessions and self-heals overnight so the next day’s class can train on fresh material with no needle tracks.

Our IV trainers also have real-feel vascular ‘tenting’ upon entry into a blood vessel and can be used to practice ultrasound-guided IV cannulation.

Free demonstrations worldwide

From our headquarters in Northern Ireland, we supply medical simulation mannequins to healthcare professionals and medical education programs around the globe. Custom pricing available for volume orders.

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