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Pneumothorax Trainers

TruMan Trauma X®
TruCorp TruMan Trauma X trauma training manikin TTR2000X
TruCorp TruMan Trauma X trauma training manikin TTR2000X
TruMan Trauma X®
Airway management, surgical simulation & resuscitation training
TruBaby X®
infant manikin for medical training TB10001X
infant manikin for medical training TB10001X
TruBaby X®
Airway management, venous cannulation, PICC line, lumbar puncture, needle thoracentesis, IO tibia, uretheral catheterization & CPR

Realistic hands-on practice in needle decompression

Paramedic practicing needle decompression on pneumothorax trainer TTR2000X

The TruMan Trauma X manikin provides lifelike training in needle decompression of tension pneumothorax & more.

The TruMan Trauma X System is an advanced pneumothorax trainer ideal for teaching and practicing needle decompression (aka needle thoracentesis or needle thoracocentesis) of tension pneumothorax.

Features & benefits:

Our adult pneumothorax manikin allows for needle decompression training in the 2nd intercostal space at the midclavicular line or in the 5th intercostal space on either side.

This advanced pneumothorax training manikin allows emergency physicians, nurses, paramedics, field and flight medics and other medical professionals to successfully train in lifesaving chest wound management and other medical procedures.

Infant pneumothorax management

pediatric needle decompression trainer TB10001X

Practice pediatric needle decompression & many other techniques with TruBaby X.

The TruBaby pediatric clinical skills trainer allows for needle thoracentesis and lifelike training in pediatric pneumothorax management featuring:

TruBaby X is very realistic with the appearance, weight, size and movement of a 5-month-old infant.

Tension pneumothorax simulator

We've also developed a user-friendly patient monitor simulator that can be used alongside our manikins to integrate clinical decision-making, crew resource management and clinical task/procedure training.

Each needle decompression trainer comes with two needle decompression inserts, lubrication and other consumables and accessories. Additional needle decompression inserts are available for purchase.

The TruMan Trauma X pneumothorax manikin also comes supplied with torso inserts for practicing needle decompression in the 5th intercostal space. Premium torso inserts have three layers for skin, fat and muscle tissue for realistic feel and resistance. Economy torso inserts have a single solid layer and are a lower-cost alternative.

TruCorp designs and manufactures the world's most lifelike EMS training manikins and airway trainers. Contact us for pricing, or to schedule a Zoom call for a free virtual product demonstration:

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What is needle decompression used for?

Pneumothorax training manikin with palpable needle decompression landmarks TTR2000X

Realistic hands-on training helps medical professionals successfully identify anatomical landmarks and perform needle decompression.

Needle decompression of tension pneumothorax is a medical procedure used to treat patients with air pressure building in the pleural space, the area between the inner and outer membrane surrounding each lung.

Tension pneumothorax is commonly caused by an object puncturing a patient’s lung, which allows air to escape the lung and become trapped in the pleural space. This increased air pressure can cause death by blocking blood flow to the heart.

Needle decompression involves inserting a large needle between the ribs allowing trapped air in the pleural space to escape.

Needle decompression landmarks

Needle thoracentesis can save lives when done correctly but can cause life-threatening injury if the decompressing needle is incorrectly placed.

Important thoracic landmarks for needle decompression include:

The ability to understand and identify surface landmarks on the torso is imperative to mastering this technique.

The TruMan Trauma X® X and TruBaby X® X pneumothorax trainers are anatomically accurate, and durable materials provide lifelike resistance and responsiveness for the most realistic training experience possible. Because of the range of skills facilitated, both models are also ideal nursing simulation manikins.

Contact TruCorp for pricing or to request a free virtual demonstration on a Zoom call with one of our staff.


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