TruCorp Intubation Manikins for Emergency Medical Training

Tracheostomy Training Manikins

Tracheostomy training manikin

The AirSim Combo Bronchi X has accurate anatomy based on CT DICOM data.

Adult & pediatric trach & vent trainers

TruCorp tracheostomy training manikins are ideal for EMTs, nurses and other healthcare professionals to learn and refine tracheostomy and ventilation techniques.

Internal and external anatomical accuracy provides a realistic training experience for tracheostomy and other airway management techniques.

TruCorp tracheostomy manikins are made by professionals, for professionals to improve patient safety and treatment. Our durable, high-performing trach trainers have lifelike responsiveness and are easy to transport.

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Tracheostomy training manikins: 


Portable trach trainer

Our TruCric task trainer is ideal for trach, cric & vent training.

TruCorp tracheostomy manikins facilitate medical procedure training in:

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Tracheostomy Training Manikins & Replacement Parts

 Tracheostomy Training Manikin Parts & Consumables:

All consumables are quickly and easily replaced, making our tracheostomy trainers ideal for efficiently accommodating multiple learners.

Additional trach trainer consumables and supplies include replacement airways, difficult airway options, replacement head skin with nasal passage and more.

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Subcutaneous Fat Tissue for Obese Tracheostomy Training

Obese patients have excess fatty tissue on the neck and upper airway, making emergency airway management more difficult.

TruCorp has created several types of simulated subcutaneous fat tissue to provide advanced airway management training and improve patient outcomes in difficult tracheostomies in obese patients.

All types of simulated fat tissue are for sale online and come in packs of 5. We ship worldwide.

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Durable AirSim Airway in Tracheostomy Manikins

TruCorp tracheostomy training manikins include the innovative AirSim® airway which provides realistic feedback during airway management procedures. The AirSim® airway is certified for more than 20,000 cycles and backed by a 5-year warranty.

Airway Management Trainers for Medical Procedure Practice

TruCorp has produced a range of intubation manikins to facilitate training in different medical procedures.

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