TruCorp Intubation Manikins for Emergency Medical Training
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Medical Training Manikins

Improve patient care & safety with lifelike simulation mannequins

TruCorp is the world’s leading manufacturer of anatomically accurate medical skill training manikins. Our realistic patient simulators have true-to-life responsiveness for effective practice in airway management, resuscitation, and clinical skills.

Our AirSim® X Airway has a 5-year warranty. All parts are made with durable materials to withstand repeated use. Consumables interchange quickly and easily, facilitating training in a busy classroom setting. 

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medical training mannequin

Trauma & Clinical Skills Trainers

Trauma X
TruPICC TruNerve
Airway management
Needle decompression of a tension pneumothorax
Chest drain insertion
IV cannulation
PICC line insertion
Ultrasound-guided IV insertion
Ultrasound-guided PICC line insertion
Ultrasound-guided nerve anesthesia block
Ultrasound-guided fracture identification
Urethral catheterization
Intraosseous infusion (IO) tibia
Lumbar puncture

Realistic medical simulation mannequins for efficient training

Our medical simulation mannequins are engineered for professional use, made from strong materials and designed to deliver high-level performance and ease of portability.

Learn about our innovative AirSim X airway with a 5-year warranty, or request a free virtual demo:

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Effective solutions for healthcare professionals

TruCorp products are durable and lifelike, making them ideal for students, CME courses & product demonstrations in many different fields and applications. Learn more about:

Enhance medical simulation training with our easy-to-use app

Our simulated patient monitor app can be used alongside TruCorp manikins to integrate clinical decision-making, resource management & task training.
Benefits include easy setup, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection and unlimited users.

TruMonitor App is ideal for:

Advanced medical simulation training with TruMonitor also helps students studying for ALS, ATLS & APLS courses and the OSCRE component of postgraduate membership and fellowship exams.

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