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Laerdal Medical and TruCorp partner to launch a COVID-19 solution for quick and cost-effective ventilation training for healthcare providers

Stavanger, Norway, 04.05.2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an increased demand for ventilators, worldwide. There is not only shortage of ventilators globally, but also a shortage of healthcare personnel who are trained to use them. New, innovative solutions are needed to help prepare healthcare professionals working at ICU departments with limited experience like novice staff, students and graduates, retired nurses and respiratory therapists, or nurses not trained to use ventilators. TruCorp, a provider of medical simulation training manikins, has partnered with world leading healthcare solutions provider, Laerdal Medical to bring an easy-to-implement, cost-effective ventilation training solution to the market.

“Healthcare staff who are managing ventilators are just as critical – if not more so - than the machines themselves. That’s why we hurried to offer a solution to provide immediate training for respiratory care and ventilation. We want to make sure everyone – from novices to seasoned professionals – feel confident they are prepared to ventilate patients, when necessary.”

--Alf-Christian Dybdahl, COO Laerdal Medical.

TruVent® simulation app for mechanical ventilation training

Current simulation training solutions for ventilation management require access to an actual ventilator in order to run simulations. During the COVID-19 pandemic, such ventilators are in short supply for training, as they are needed for patient use. The TruVent® simulation platform allows users to teach the core principals of ventilation management without the need for a ventilator. The instructor can adjust patient characteristics to train for different scenarios, creating clinically accurate respiratory simulations either in-class or remotely. The TruMonitor® and TruVent® training solutions are operated by iOS or Android devices.

“In light of the cur­rent Covid-19 crisis, the im­portance of training in the use of venti­lation equipment is evident. Wor­king with Laerdal allows us to deliv­er a cost effective, virtual solution to the global healthca­re network.​ We are excited for a long and successful partn­ership.”  

--Michael Calo, Sales and Marketing Director, TruCorp Ltd.

About Laerdal

Laerdal is a global company dedicated to our mission of Helping Save Lives. For more than 60 years, Laerdal has remained a world leader for healthcare education, training, and therapy solutions. In collaboration with partners, experts, and researchers Laerdal develops innovative solutions to help save lives. Laerdal employs 1500 people in 24 countries. Our main office is located in Stavanger, Norway. To learn more, visit

About TruCorp

TruCorp has over 15 years’ experience within the medical simulation market. We are committed to the development of anatomically correct products to deliver medical best practice. TruCorp has designed, engineered and produced a wide variety of training manikins for airway management, trauma training, ultrasound, paediatric procedural skills and a portfolio of simulation apps with the aim of continuing to improve educational efficiency to save more lives. Learn more about TruCorp.

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