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TruMonitor App

Adjustable Simulated Patient Monitor for Medical Training

The TruMonitor app is an easy training platform simulating a patient monitoring device on your smartphone or tablet.

Every app purchase includes two users and the option to add unlimited additional users for $50 each. Yearly subscription option includes all upgrades and support.


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App Features & Benefits:

  • Run TruMonitor on a single device or pair of devices (one to monitor and one to control)
  • Easily create complex medical scenarios
  • Introduce lab results as scenario evolves
  • Adjust patient vital signs in real time
  • Sound effect library includes airway obstruction, secretions, stridor, laryngospasm and more
  • ECG, X-ray and images can be sent to student device
  • Access your own camera roll to send radiology, protocols and clinical images
  • Change, enable or disable parameters as needed based on student’s treatment decisions

Medical Simulation Training

  • 30+ ECGs to choose from
  • Defibrillation and CPR ECG artefact
  • Arterial line
  • Capnography (obstructive airways, sudden loss of output, malignant hyperpyrexia and more)
  • etCO2
  • Sp02 trace
  • Respiratory rate (switches to capnography waveform when patient is intubated)
  • Temperature
  • Blood pressure cuff inflation cycle with 2, 5, 10, 20 & 30-minute intervals
  • Blood sugar

Ideal for:

  • Undergraduate exams
  • OSCRE component of postgraduate membership and fellowship exams
  • ALS, ATLS & APLS courses
  • Recruitment interviews
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Simple Cost-Effective Medical Simulation Training on your Phone

TruCorp®’s TruMonitor App is easy to set up, access and use. When two devices are paired, the instructor has wireless control of the second device which acts as a simulated patient monitor.

Even without Wi-Fi, connection is available via Bluetooth. TruMonitor can be used alongside TruCorp® AirSim® or trauma training products to integrate clinical decisionmaking, crew resource management and clinical task/procedure training.

High-Fidelity Medical Simulation Training for Better Healthcare

Using the TruMonitor app will help identify latent threats within your healthcare setting with cooperative training using existing equipment and systems. TruMonitor is perfect for simulation centers and university teaching hospitals with both pre hospital and hospital bedside care.

Free 21-Day Trial of TruMonitor App 

Medical students and professionals worldwide can use the TruMonitor App free for 21 days. Please contact TruCorp® to begin your free trial.

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