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TruMonitor App®
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Simulated patient monitor for true-to-life ALS training

In cooperation with Laerdal Medical

We are pleased to announce Laerdal Medical as the exclusive partner for this innovative and cost-effective solution for simulated patient monitor training.

TruMonitor is a stand-alone training solution that allows learners to interpret vital signs as they will in real clinical settings. With TruMonitor, your learners will experience realistic training scenarios, with an emphasis on diagnosing and improving critical decision-making skills.

Instructors can create and control different scenarios to conduct true-to-life medical simulation training. Students will learn how to react to changes in vital signs, how to interpret ECG, how to perform pacing and defibrillation. More relevant actions can be introduced as the scenario evolves. Integrate ZOLL® X features to train high-quality CPR, defibrillation and pacing for all stages of transporting critically ill patients.

With only two tablets (iOS or Android), instructors and learners can experience a training solution that takes ACLS training to the next level. TruMonitor is a cost-effective alternative to using real equipment and can be used in any training situation – onsite, in-situ, in the classroom or remotely – regardless of student and instructor location. Multi-user and large group session options are available.

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Product Details

App Features & Benefits:

  • Run TruMonitor using 2 Apple or 2 Android tablets (one to monitor and one to control)
  • Integrate ZOLL® X features to train high-quality CPR, defibrillation & pacing for all stages of transporting critically ill patients.
  • Easily create customised complex medical scenarios, or use scenarios pre-loaded.
  • Introduce lab results as scenario evolves
  • Trend feature allows the instructor to focus on observing the student
  • Adjust patient vital signs in real-time
  • Sound effect library includes airway obstruction, secretions, stridor, laryngospasm and more, or upload your own sound recordings.
  • ECG, X-ray and images can be sent to student device
  • Access your own camera roll to send radiology, protocols and clinical images/videos
  • Change, enable or disable parameters as needed based on student’s treatment decisions
  • Software available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese & Mandarin

Medical Simulation Training

  • 40+ ECGs to choose from
  • Defibrillation, pacing & ECG artefact
  • Arterial line
  • Capnography (obstructive airways, sudden loss of output, malignant hyperpyrexia & more)
  • etCO2
  • Sp02 trace
  • Respiratory rate (switches to capnography waveform when patient is intubated)
  • Temperature
  • Blood pressure cuff inflation cycle with specified intervals
  • Blood sugar

Ideal for:

  • Undergraduate exams
  • OSCE component of postgraduate membership & fellowship exams
  • ALS, ATLS, ACLS & APLS courses
  • Recruitment interviews
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Product Testimonials


 "The TruMonitor app is superb. It allows real-time, dynamic control of a realistic monitoring screen with the ability to display x-rays, labs and other items. It also can act like a crash-cart monitor permitting pacing and defibrillation. This software will add to the fidelity of simulation no matter where you are in the hospital. I would highly recommend to any simulation program."


- Dr Brian Buchanan, University of Alberta   


Simple Cost-Effective App for Medical Simulation Training

-Easy to set up

-Easy to access

-Easy to use 

When two devices are paired, the instructor has wireless control of the second device which acts as a simulated patient monitor.

Even without Wi-Fi, connection is available via Bluetooth. TruMonitor can be used alongside TruCorp AirSim® X intubation manikins or trauma training products to integrate clinical decision-making, crew resource management and clinical task/procedure training.

TruMonitor Tutorial Videos:

Instructor Set-up

Instructor mode start-up
Instructor screen overview & key features

Student Set-up

Student mode start-up
Student screen layout & key features

TruMonitor Tutorials

Instructor investigation suite
Cardiac arrest scenario with shockable ECG rhythm
CPR feature when running cardiac arrest scenario
Scenario builder part 1
Scenario builder part 2
Scenario builder part 3
Scenario builder part 4

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High-Fidelity Medical Simulation Training for Better Healthcare

Using the TruMonitor app will help identify latent threats within your healthcare setting with cooperative training using existing equipment and systems. TruMonitor is perfect for EMS environments, simulation centers, nurse-patient monitor training and university teaching hospitals with both pre-hospital and hospital bedside care.

In response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, medical education and simulation groups are developing standard airway management practices specific to the COVID-19 patient group. TruMonitor and TruVent (a mechanical ventilation simulator) are ideal virtual options for true-to-life medical training outside a classroom setting.

Patient Monitor Simulator for Android & Apple

Operated by iPads (iOS 11.0+) or Android tablets (version 6.0+) 

Interactive Remote Learning with TruMonitor

This integration challenges the requirement for traditional classroom teaching, by delivering remote simulation training sessions with students across the globe. TruCorp's innovative distance learning software can be used for one-on-one instruction or to create a virtual classroom for multiple users.

Learn more about our Interactive Remote Learning solution and get in touch to register your interest.

Vital Signs Simulator for All Ages & Many Scenarios

TruMonitor can be used to easily create simple or complex scenarios including shock, dehydration, heart attack or COPD. Patient parameters can be changed to simulate adults, newborns, pediatric patients or elderly patients.

Patient monitoring simulator for pediatric clinical skills training

TruBaby X is a complete pediatric clinical skills training manikin ideal for nurses, anesthetists & other medical professionals practicing DOPS. Create challenging scenarios with TruMonitor for realistic training in infant airway management, CPR, IV insertion, lumbar puncture and many other procedures.

ECG Simulator App

TruMonitor is an advanced cardiac monitor simulator with 40+ ECGs facilitating training in:

Instructors can control physiological parameters to force student action or manage scenarios. The sound effect library includes alarms for airway obstruction, laryngospasm and more.

Defibrillator simulator app

TruMonitor allows true-to-life medical simulation training in defibrillation by allowing the instructor to create and control different scenarios. ECG artifact, pacing and normal/abnormal ECG waves can all be introduced as the scenario evolves.

App for Healthcare Professionals

TruMonitor is a versatile training platform for students, teachers and healthcare professionals. Use it alongside any of our clinical skills manikins to integrate decision-making with technique training. It’s ideal for use in undergraduate exams and recruitment interviews. TruMonitor is an efficient and effective tool to help students prepare for the OSCE component of postgraduate membership and fellowship exams plus ALS, STLS, ACLS & APLS courses.

Ultrasound simulation training

Our TruNerve Block ultrasound-guided IV trainer is ideal for emergency medicine, radiology, surgical training programs, ultrasound training programs, simulation centers, surgical skills centers and medical education facilities.

Practice IV cannulation, the entire regional anesthesia procedure, bone fracture assessment and more.

Free 14-Day Trial of TruMonitor App 

Medical professionals worldwide can trial the TruMonitor App completely free for 14 days. 

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TruMonitor info sheet

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