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TruNerve Block
Product Code: TNB100

This innovative 3-in-1 ultrasound model provides hands-on training in:

  • Ultrasound-guided nerve blocks with ability to verify needle tip location
  • Ultrasound IV insertion with embedded vessels & realistic blood flashback
  • Ultrasound bone imaging featuring a fractured bone structure
Effective training in ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia

Trainee anesthetists develop, practice and maintain the skills necessary to use ultrasound for guiding regional anesthesia and vascular access procedures. Simulated anaesthetic fluid can be injected around the nerve.

Realistic. Durable. Easy to set up.

TruNerve Block is ideal for emergency medicine, radiology, surgical training programs, ultrasound training programs, simulation centers, surgical skills centers, medical education facilities, and manufacturers for ultrasound education and demonstrations.

Product Details

Ultrasound Model Features

  • Contains epidermal layer, two simulated vessels (4mm), a nerve bundle (with surrounding artery and vein), a fractured bone & fascia layers
  • Nerve bundle allows fluid entry & withdrawal for anaesthesia fluid administration
  • Positive fluid flow when vessels are accurately accessed
  • Constant blood flow for realistic flashback
  • Color Doppler flow imaging
  • 1000+ needle incisions with self-healing/regeneration of the TruUltra material
  • Needle tracks disappear with very minimal damage to material
  • Longitudinal and transverse anatomical viewing options
  • Realistic needle tip identification and artefact
  • Use with any ultrasound imaging system with appropriate transcuder probe (recommend high-frequency linear array transducer 5-12 mhz)
  • Weight: 1.8Kg (4 lb) [Ultrasound insert = 800g (1.8lb) and product plinth = 1Kg (2.2lb)]
  • Dims: 350mm x 150mm X 110mm (Ultrasound insert -160mm x 140mm x 40mm)

Medical Procedure Training

  • Ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia
  • Ultrasound-guided vascular access
  • IV cannulation (venipuncture and vein cannulation)
  • Injection of simulated anaesthetics with visual air & fluid retention possible
  • Injection of fluid around the nerve
  • Identification of arterial and venous blood flow
  • Fractured bone identification
  • Ultrasound education & machine demonstrations (ideal for ultrasound manufacturers)

Package Contents

  • 1 Nerve Block unit (assembled and ready to use)

  • Fluid pump mechanism and fluid tubes (assembled and ready to use)

  • 1 Black carrier case

  • 1 USB pen drive user manual

  • 2 x 250ml Bottles TruUltra Gel

  • 2 x 250ml concentrated blood

  • Universal plug adaptor

  • 2 x 20ml luer lock syringes

  • 2 x luer lock adapters

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Product Testimonials

User-friendly task trainer for ultrasound guided procedures

Why choose this model?

Ultrasound trainer for nerve block practice

Self-healing TruUltra material is good for over 1000 nerve block needle insertions.

TruNerve Block is unlike any other ultrasound trainer. Innovation, longevity and lifelike anatomical details make this model ideal for effective training and demonstrations.

3 in 1 task trainer

TruNerve Block is the only ultrasound training block on the market to have 3 features in 1 product:

  • IV cannulation of multiple veins
  • Regional anaesthesia practicing around the nerve
  • Bone fracture identification

Built to last

Like our airway mannequins, TruNerve Block is durable and long-lasting:

  • Exclusive self-healing TruUltra material is designed to withstand repeated use
  • Comfortably facilitates the insertion of over 1000 nerve block needles
  • Left overnight, TruUltra regenerates up to 90%
  • Tested for over 1000 incisions without fail

True to life

TruNerve Block is extremely realistic:

  • Clearly defined fascia layers, veins, arteries, nerve, and bone match acoustic characteristics of real human tissues
  • Unique, fully-integrated fluid management system replicates realistic blood flow in an adult
  • Positive flashback upon needle entry
  • Real-feel vascular ‘tenting’ upon entry into vessel
  • Realistic muscle fluid absorption
  • High quality imaging with Colour Doppler visualization

Easy and clean

TruNerve Block is lightweight, portable, and easy to set up & use:

  • Comes fully assembled in a durable carry case for easy transport and safe storage
  • Arrives ready to use for nerve block training with TruUltra fluid pre-installed
  • Simple design for efficiently replacing the insert or switching procedure training types
  • Quick-flow blood mechanism is easy to refill
  • No mess! Our unique design means no leaks occur

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Nerve block ultrasound

ultrasound training model with self-contained fluid management system for realistic blood flashback

Replacing the nerve block insert is fast and simple.

Ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve blocks (PNB) improve patient safety by allowing the visualization of the needle’s path to the target nerve. Extensive training is required to recognize 3D structures in a flat image and successfully guide the needle tip position.

TruNerve Block is an ideal regional anesthesia ultrasound training block model. Trainees practice technical and imaging skills including:

  • Probe positioning and movement with ultrasound system controls
  • Dexterity while practicing ultrasound scan and needling techniques
  • Recognition of arterial and vein vessels and nerves in soft responsive tissue
  • Using ultrasound to differentiate nerve from surrounding anatomical structures
  • Practice in-plane and out-of-plane approaches to nerve
  • Using ultrasound to target the nerves for ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia
  • Visualizing the delivery and distribution of simulated local anesthetic solution
  • Gaining proficiency and confidence in ultrasound-guided nerve blocks

Ultrasound model nerve block features:

  • 2 blood vessels positioned at differing depths and course throughout – surrounding vessels are used as reference points to differentiate from the nerve
  • Practice visualizing the artery and vein laterally beside the nerve
  • Verify needle tip location and practice entire regional anaesthesia procedure
  • Simulated anaesthetics can be injected into the model with visual air and fluid retention possible alongside the nerve
  • Fluids can be easily removed through our innovative self-contained fluid management system for efficient repeat training
  • When trainee accurately accesses the vessels, positive fluid flow provides feedback they’ve cannulated the targeted vessel

Any ultrasound imaging system with an appropriate transducer can be used, including high frequency linear array ultrasound probes. TruCorps’ unique ultrasound gel creates a perfect medium to allow fluid retention and realistic muscle fluid absorption.

TruNerve Block is ideal for medical students, clinicians, and CME for physician regional anesthesia practitioners, radiologists, anesthesiologists, neurologists, surgeons, and physiatrists (physical medicine & rehabilitation/PM&R physicians). We also offer realistic medical training manikins for a wide range of airway management and clinical skills training.

We recommend a 21G needle size for optimal performance.

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Ultrasound IV simulator

ultrasound task trainer for vascular access

Snap-fit fluid connectors & quick blood refill mean faster training & no mess.

Realistic training in ultrasound IV placement

TruNerve Block allows for effective practice of ultrasound guided intravenous cannulation. Ideal for ultrasound vascular access courses, ultrasound training for nurses, and emergency medicine.

Ultrasound IV features:

  • Two embedded vessels, small/large and shallow/deep
  • Realistic flashback upon entry into blood vessel
  • Real-feel vascular ‘tenting’ upon entry into vessel
  • Colour Doppler detection of blood flow
  • Self-healing TruUltra material leaves minimal marks & regenerates up to 90% within 24h
  • Innovative design means NO LEAKS

We recommend a 21G needle size for optimal performance.

Durable trainer for cost-effective practice

Time and training are required to gain proficiency in ultrasound-guided IV insertion. Our self-healing TruUltra material is designed with withstand repeated practice in a busy setting.

Left overnight, TruUltra regenerates up to 90%, giving trainees fresh material without needle tracks. This trainer has been tested for over 1000 needle incisions without fail.

The blood refill mechanism is fast and easy. Snap-fit fluid connectors mean NO MESS. Replacing the insert is quick and simple so you can get back to training!

Ultrasound guided IV tips

IV cannulation is a common procedure, usually accomplished quickly and without problems. In cases where intravenous access is complicated (by obesity, IV drug abuse or edema for example), using an ultrasound to gain vascular access can be an effective solution.

Tips for practicing ultrasound-guided IV placement:

  1. Be ready with all the supplies you need at hand, and extras within arm’s reach.
  2. Position the patient and the ultrasound machine correctly. Make sure the patient is comfortable and that the machine is on the opposite side of the arm (or training model) being used, angled so you have an unobstructed view of the screen.
  3. Practice both short axis and long axis approaches to become familiar with both longitudinal and transverse views of blood vessels and tissue.
  4. Be aware of compressing soft tissues and veins with the ultrasound probe. The depth of a blood vessel can appear different when pressure is applied.
  5. If necessary, flush the line with saline after placement to verify integrity. You should see turbulence inside the vein if it’s placed correctly (and leakage into the surrounding tissues with insertion failure).

See all IV trainers or get in touch for a free demo. We offer discounts for volume orders.

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Ultrasound bone imaging

TruNerve Block provides realistic training in ultrasound bone fracture identification. Ideal for clinicians, emergency medicine and medical education facilities.

Ultrasound bone fracture model features:

  • Acoustic shadow artefact in the hypoechoic region deep to a hyperechoic bone outline
  • Bone and soft tissues match acoustic properties of human tissues
  • High quality imaging
  • Fracture assessment detection
  • Diagnosing bone stress injury

TruNerve Block is extremely durable and designed for efficient repeat training. The trainer can be used with any ultrasound imaging system with an appropriate transducer, including point of care ultrasound devices. Learn more about prehospital ultrasound training products.

Ultrasound bone fracture model for medical training

Medical professionals can practice realistic fractured bone identification using ultrasound.

Advantages of ultrasound bone imaging

Also known as fracture sonography, ultrasound bone fracture detection is an option for visualizing fractures on just the surface of bones. It has been used successfully to identify fractures of the wrist (ulna/radius), elbow, shoulder, and clavicle.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced time to diagnosis
  • Reduced radiation exposure
  • Greater convenience (can be done bedside)
  • Greater accessibility (especially in prehospital or resource-poor settings)

Ultrasonography in pediatric medicine

Since all fractures alter the bone surface, using ultrasound instead of X-ray diagnosis is helpful for patients younger than 12 (since joint fractures are rare in this age group).

Making bone fracture identification more accessible

Ultrasonography to detect bone fracture has been used as an alternative to X-Ray or MRI for remote triage of injuries and in healthcare settings with limited resources.

Ultrasound devices are more common than X-ray imaging equipment, however the accuracy of ultrasound bone imaging depends on the skills of the operator.

TruNerve Block is a lightweight, portable training block model facilitating efficient training in ultrasound bone fracture identification plus nerve blocks and IV placement.

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TruNerve Block FAQ

Question: Does the nerve block always need to be turned on and plugged into the mains to work?

Answer: No. The product can be turned on for a few minutes to allow time for the blood to work through the veins and it can then be unplugged and used.

Please note: If a needle is used to withdraw blood then the pump will need to be turned on again to refill the veins. If no blood is withdrawn then visually the product can be used.

Question: How many times will the nerve section of the product allow needle incisions and how much fluid to insert?

Answer: The nerve section will allow up to 1000 incisions based on the correct needle gauge (21G). The insert will continuously allow insertion of up to 20ml of ‘anaesthesia’ before this will need to be replaced.

Question: How much TruUltra gel should I put into the product when refilling?

Answer: Insert approx. 5-7ml of TruUltra gel into the ‘Gel in’ connector.

Question: What flow speed is the pump?

Answer: The flow speed closely resembles a normal adult at approx. 6.5L/min.

Question: Is there any latex in the product?

Answer: No latex is in the product. It is made up of our unique TruUltra material, plastic and silicone parts.

Question: How many times will the IV section of the product allow needle incisions and will they be seen?

Answer: As seen below some needle tracks will be seen initially the more the product is used, however if allowed to rest for 24h, up to 90% material recovery is seen. The product has been tested for over 1000 incisions without fail.

IV cannulation training model with self-healing TruUltra material shown 24 hours after incisions

Ultrasound phantom for training & demonstrations

TruNerve Block mimics the shape, density and acoustic properties of real human tissue for realistic hands-on practice in three different procedures. Medical imaging phantoms not only provide valuable training for doctors and technicians, they can be used to demonstrate ultrasound equipment. TruNerve Block is a high quality, economical, and anatomically accurate ultrasound phantom designed to withstand repeat use for training or demos.

Product number: TNB100

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