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TruVent App

Mechanical ventilation simulator for in-situ training

TruVent is a high-fidelity simulation platform that allows users to create complex clinical scenarios on a simulated ventilated patient.

The instructor can adjust underlying patient characteristics, creating a clinically accurate respiratory engine that will display appropriate pressure, flow and volume curves in real time.

Ideal for clinical and medical trainees, pre-hospital EMS providers, respiratory therapists, anaesthesia training and more. Compatible with iOS & Android smartphones or tablets.

Purchasing the premium license includes the software for 2 users (1 instructor & 1 student device), as well as the lifetime license for all future updates and support. Additional licenses can be purchased to allow the instructor to take control of up to 7 student devices simultaneously.

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Product Details

App Features & Benefits

  • Includes commonly used mechanical ventilation modes (Assist Control, SIMV, PC, VC, CMV) & advanced ventilation modes.
  • Student can take control of ventilator settings to achieve ventilation targets during simulation. As student adjusts ventilation parameters/strategy, respiratory engine adjusts accordingly.
  • “Build a Breath” feature allows student to create bespoke ventilation strategies, enhancing teaching of mechanical ventilation principles.
  • Instructor can choose & activate an anaesthesia complication which automatically adjusts relevant physiological & ventilation parameters (tension pneumothorax, anaphylaxis, bronchospasm, endotracheal tube disconnect, pulmonary embolism, malignant hyperpyrexia, local anaesthesia toxicity, cardiac arrest and many more…)
  • Adjust age/height weight of simulated patient

Medical Simulation Training

  • Lung volume (calculated from height, gender, age)
  • Dynamic lung compliance curves ranging from normal lungs to mild/moderate/severe disease states (ARDS/asthma/fibrotic etc)
  • Inspiratory & expiratory resistance to airflow
  • Intrinsic patient respiratory effort (rate, effort, I:E ratio, forced exhalation or paralysed)
  • Triggering (adjustable flow & pressure sensitivity), limit, cycling, PEEP variables
  • Variable flow patterns
  • Resp rate, tidal volume, I:E ratio, PEEP
  • Appropriate & adjustable ventilator monitoring/alarms
  • Monitoring of inhaled & end tidal gas composition
  • Calculation of minimum alveolar concentration from combined gas composition analysis to monitor depth of anaesthesia
  • Resistance and compliance can be different for each lung, achieving complex ventilation challenges

Ideal for:

  • Undergraduate & post-graduate medical trainees
  • Elective & emergency anaesthesia training
  • Emergency medicine, anaesthesia & intensive care clinicians
  • Intensive care nursing training programs
  • Critical care teams
  • Transfer & retrieval of critically ill teams
  • Advanced pre-hospital EMS providers (HEMS, critical care paramedics)
  • Nurse anaesthesia training programs
  • Respiratory therapist training programs
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Simple, cost-effective app for ventilator training

When two devices are paired, the instructor has wireless control of the second device which acts as a simulated patient monitor.

Even without Wi-Fi, connection is available via Bluetooth. TruVent can be used alongside TruCorp AirSim® X intubation manikins or trauma training products to integrate clinical decision-making, crew resource management and mechanical ventilation training.

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