TruCorp Intubation Manikins for Emergency Medical Training
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Product Code: TPIC100

TruPICC is an adult male training arm designed for effective training in peripherally inserted central catheters and IV insertion.

This ultrasound-guided PICC line and IV placement training model develops the user’s skills associated with needle placement, guidewires and catheters using ultrasound. It’s also ideal for ultrasound manufacturers for education & demonstrations.

The upper arm anatomy features correct and realistic vascular anatomy, lifelike feel and responsiveness, and our unique self-healing TruUltra material.

Product Details

IV arm training features

  • Realistic visualisation of the median cubital, brachial and basilic veins
  • Differentiation between the basilic vein and the basilic artery
  • Verify correct needle placement by withdrawal of fluids
  • Real feel vascular ‘tenting’ upon entry into the vessel


PICC line training features

  • Full catheter PICC line placement and seldinger techniques can be practiced with a recommended 4F catheter
  • Features vascular anatomy of an entire arm including the brachial artery, brachial, cephalic basilic and median cubital vein
  • Ability to use ultrasound on the the upper chest which contains the superior vena cava designed to allow users to verify correct catheter placement
  • Option to switch on/off flow to either the cephalic or basilic veins to prolong the life of the insert
  • Fluid can be injected into the model to verify needle tip location. When vessels are accessed fluids can be withdrawn and administered

Package contents

  • 1 TruPICC model 
  • 1 TruPICC carrier case
  • 1 USB pen drive user manual
  • 1 bottle of artifical blood concentrate (250ml)
  • TruPICC weight: approx 6kg (13.2 lb)  
  • Full shipment weight: approx 8kg (17.6 lb)
  • TruPICC dimensions: 90cm x 40cm x 20cm (35.4" x 15.7" x 7.9")
  • Full shipment dimensions: 95cm x 45cm x 25cm (37.4" x 17.7" x 9.8")
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Ultrasound training arm for PICC lines & vascular access

Our unique TruUltra material is extremely durable and long-lasting. Left overnight it will regenerate and be ready for training sessions again the next day.

Why choose this model?

TruPICC product number: TPIC100

TruPicc Setup Guide:

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