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Product Code: TPIC100

TruPICC is an adult male training arm designed for effective training in peripherally inserted central catheters and IV insertion.

This ultrasound-guided PICC line and IV placement training model develops the user’s skills associated with needle placement, guidewires and catheters using ultrasound. It’s also ideal for ultrasound manufacturers for education & demonstrations.

The upper arm anatomy features correct and realistic vascular anatomy, lifelike feel and responsiveness, and our unique self-healing TruUltra material.

Product Details

IV arm training features

  • Realistic visualisation of the median cubital, brachial and basilic veins
  • Differentiation between the basilic vein and the brachial artery
  • Verify correct needle placement by withdrawal of fluids
  • Real feel vascular ‘tenting’ upon entry into the vessel


PICC line training features

  • Full catheter PICC line placement and seldinger techniques can be practiced with a recommended 4F catheter
  • Features vascular anatomy of an entire arm including the brachial artery, brachial, cephalic basilic and median cubital vein
  • Ability to use ultrasound on the the upper chest which contains the superior vena cava designed to allow users to verify correct catheter placement
  • Option to switch on/off flow to either the cephalic or basilic veins to prolong the life of the insert
  • Fluid can be injected into the model to verify needle tip location. When vessels are accessed fluids can be withdrawn and administered

Package contents

  • 1 TruPICC model 
  • 1 TruPICC carrier case
  • 1 bottle of artifical blood concentrate (250ml)
  • TruPICC weight: approx 6kg (13.2 lb)  
  • Full shipment weight: approx 8kg (17.6 lb)
  • TruPICC dimensions: 90cm x 40cm x 20cm (35.4" x 15.7" x 7.9")
  • Full shipment dimensions: 95cm x 45cm x 25cm (37.4" x 17.7" x 9.8")
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Ultrasound training arm for PICC lines & vascular access

Our unique TruUltra material is extremely durable and long-lasting. Left overnight it will regenerate and be ready for training sessions again the next day.

Why choose this model?

TruPICC product number: TPIC100

TruPicc Setup Guide:

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Our ultrasound training models are compatible with all ultrasound machines and can be used for point-of-care ultrasound training for paramedics and ED physicians. Ultrasound and IV trainers feature our innovative TruUltra material which replicates the feel and responsiveness of human tissue and self heals overnight to withstand thousands of needle sticks before needing replacement. Reach out to one of our product specialists for additional information and purchase options.

Contact TruCorp today for pricing or to request a free virtual product demo with a sales representative.

What makes the TruUltra ultrasound material so unique?

The TruUltra material is unlike anything else in the market. It showcases a high-quality ultrasound image to provide trainees with a true-to-life ultrasound training solution. Learners will benefit from realistic visualisation of the median cubital, brachial and basilic veins, and can appreciate differentiation between the basilic vein and basilic artery.

Aside from realism, the TruUltra material is well known for its durability, and features unique self-regenerating properties to diminish the appearance of needle tracks after use.

Q: What skills can I teach using the TruPICC?

An adult male arm which enables learners to gain proficiency in:

  • Full catheter PICC line placement using ultrasound
  • Ultrasound guided intravenous (IV) cannulation techniques

Q: What age of patient is the TruPICC designed as?

The TruPICC is designed as an adult male patient.

Q: What package contents will arrive with my order?

  • 1x TruPICC model (TPIC100)
  • 1x TruPICC carrier case
  • 250ml bottle of artificial blood concentrate (CVB250)
  • 1x luer lock syringe

Q: What replacement consumables are compatible? 

  • TruPICC insert (TPICINSERT1)
  • Concentrated blood (CVB250)

Q: What equipment sizes are recommended?

  • Size 20G needle for IV cannulation
  • Size 4F PICC catheter with soft tip guidewire, single lumen, and approx. 55-60cm length

Q: How many procedures will the TruPICC insert facilitate?

The TruNerveBlock insert will allow for 800+ needles before needing replaced! TruCorp have designed this product with our customers in mind to ensure there is minimum disruption to teaching time whilst offering excellent value for money.

Q: Does the training model provide user feedback to indicate successful procedures?

Yes, real feel vascular tenting will be experienced upon entry into a vessel and fluid can be withdrawn if the procedure is successful. The upper chest features the superior vena cava to allow users to verify correct catheter placement using ultrasound.

Q: How do I replace the TruPICC insert?

Please follow the instructions in the product user manual to replace the insert, or watch a tutorial video on our website here.

Q: How do I insert fluid?

Please follow the instructions in the product user manual to insert fluid, or watch a tutorial video on our website here.  You can begin training immediately after. The fluid insertion process should be no longer than 5-10 minutes!

Q: Does the TruPICC require assembly?

No, this training model is delivered fully assembled. Simply follow the instructions in the product user manual to insert fluid and you can begin training immediately after. The fluid insertion process should be no longer than 5-10 minutes! Add ultrasound gel to the surface of the product and ultrasound probe prior to use.  

Q: What warranty comes with the TruPICC?

This training model comes with a 1-year warranty. Warranty begins from date of delivery.

Q: My TruPICC model needs repaired. How can I arrange this?

Please contact us and provide the serial number (found under the manikin base) and an image/video of the issue. If it meets the warranty conditions TruCorp will repair free of charge. If warranty has expired, our sales team will provide a quote for repair.

Q: How should I store the training model when it is not in use?

Please store the manikin in clean, dry conditions away from heat and direct sunlight. Avoid contact with metals, solvents, oils or greases and strong detergents. When the product is not in use please store in the black carrier case provided.

Q: What can I use to clean the training model?

Thoroughly wash the product with warm soapy water until all residue is removed.

Please do not use any of the following:

  • Germicides, disinfectants, or chemical agents such as glutaraldehyde (e.g. Cidex®),
  • Ethylene oxide, phenol-based cleaners, or iodine-containing cleaners

In response to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we recommend this additional step to ensure the product is fully sanitized:

Generously spray alcohol spray or gel (minimum 75% alcohol) and wipe off. Repeat 3-4 times to fully disinfect the product.

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