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AirSim Advance X
Product Code: AA91100X

TruCorp AirSim Advance X features the uniquely constructed AirSim® X airway and an anatomically correct nasal passage for visual accuracy and realistic feedback during airway management procedure practice. Durable and true-to-life airway is certified for over 20,000 intubation cycles and has a 5-year warranty. Silicone simulated skin covering offers a lifelike feel and more precise articulation during bag-valve mask ventilation training.

Product Details

Model Features

  • Innovative AirSim® X airway and nasal cavity created from DT DICOM data with 5-year warranty
  • Anatomically correct internal features and visually accurate landmarks such as turbinates
  • Inflatable tongue bulb to simulate edema
  • Replaceable lung bags inflate with successful ventilation
  • Esophagus and replaceable bag representing stomach
  • Optional difficult airways available for more advanced training

Medical Procedure Training

  • Endotracheal tube insertion
  • Double naso-tracheal intubation
  • Nasogastric (NG) tube insertion
  • Combi tube insertion
  • Bag-valve mask (BVM) ventilation techniques
  • Full range of supraglottic device insertion
  • Direct laryngoscopy
  • Awake fiber optic examination

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Lifelike Airway Management Trainer Ideal for BVM and Supraglottic Devices

The silicone skin covering provides a more realistic bag mask ventilation training, allowing for accurate articulation. This model is compatible with all supraglottic airway devices and the durable airway withstands continuous and repeated use for effective training in a classroom setting. The AirSim® X airway is covered by 5-year warranty and certified for 20,000+ intubation cycles.

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Intubation Training on the AirSim Advance X

Intubation training head has full head tilt, chin lift and jaw thrust for lifelike responsiveness. Airway has accurate internal anatomical landmarks for realistic training in intubation and fiber optic scoping techniques.

Can be used for training in:

The AirSim Advance X airway trainer is compatible with a full range of supraglottic devices. We recommend the following equipment sizes for optimal performance:

AirSim X airway training heads are the most true to life intubation heads on the market and built to withstand repeated use. We offer free medical manikin demonstrations worldwide.

We also offer an ultrasound IV trainer ideal for simulation centers and many other applications, and a patient monitor simulator app that comes with a free 30-day trial. The AirSim Advance X trainer also makes an ideal airway demonstration model for device manufacturers and educators.

Intubation Manikin Testimonial

"TruCorp make airway manikins with the most realistic 'feel'. For too long we have been practicing airway management on products that demand far more strength and effort than is required in real-life. At last a product that encourages a more subtle and delicate approach to airway management."

-Eoghan Colgan, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

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Difficult Airway Management Training

The lifelike size and texture of the inflatable tongue allow students to practice intubation of an obstructed airway. Difficult airway training options are available for the AirSim® Advance X manikin. Airway trainer parts and consumables, including difficult airway parts, interchange quickly and easily to facilitate efficient practice.

The AirSim® Advance X model (part no. AA91100X) is the latest version of this airway trainer (formerly the AirSim® Advance, part no. AA91100).

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