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AirSim Baby X
Product Code: JR10001X

AirSim Baby X is the most anatomically correct pediatric airway trainer for teaching and training infant airway management. Features accurate internal and external anatomical details based on a CT-DICOM data from a 6-month-old infant. Medical professionals get efficient, realistic practice in pediatric intubation, laryngoscopy, ventilation and supraglottic device insertion.

Product Details

Model Features

  • AirSim X airway with 5-year warranty is certified to practice 20,000 intubation cycles without fail
  • Replaceable lung bags provide realistic feedback during technique training
  • User feedback through the visualization of stomach inflation and lung expansion
  • True to life external and internal anatomical features allow for easy demonstration of all pediatric video laryngoscopes
  • Realistic skin covering with lifelike texture
  • Modular design allowing for all parts to be changed withing your organization (if desired)

Medical Procedure Training

  • Double nasotracheal intubation
  • Endotracheal tube insertion
  • Bag-valve mask (BVM) ventilation techniques
  • Laryngeal Mask Airway (LMA)
  • Full range of supraglottic device insertion
  • Direct and video laryngoscopy

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Infant Airway Management Training Manikins

The AirSim® Baby X is the most realistic and durable pediatric airway manikin on the market for airway management training including specialized skills. True to life external and internal anatomical features allow for easy and successful demonstration of all paediatric videolaryngoscopes. The AirSim® Pierre Robin X model highlights difficult airway management techniques on infants with PRS.

The AirSim Baby X airway manikin is compatible with a full range of supraglottic devices. We recommend the following equipment sizes for optimal performance:

This trainer is also ideal as an airway demonstration model for device manufacturers and educators.

Infant Intubation Head with Lifelike Features

TruCorp is proud to produce the most durable and realistic infant intubation head on the market. Every internal and external detail is designed to increase the effectiveness of infant airway management training for improved patient outcomes. The "real-feel" silicone simulated skin covering makes this model ideal for infant BVM practice. Book a free demo today and you’ll see and feel the difference in TruCorp's innovative design.

Contact us for a free product demonstration at your organization or ask us about custom pricing for high-volume purchases.

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Infant AirSim® Airway 

Our innovative pediatric AirSim® airway was developed based on CT data scanned from a six month old baby. Every AirSim® X airway has been certified for 20,000+ intubation cycles and comes with a 5-year warranty.

The AirSim® Baby X model (part no. JR10001X) is the latest version of this airway trainer (formerly the AirSim® Baby, part no. JR10001).

Shop replacement parts and consumables or contact us to learn about custom pricing for high-volume orders.
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