TruCorp Intubation Manikins for Emergency Medical Training
AirSim Pierre Robin X

Difficult Pediatric Airway Management Trainer

TruCorp AirSim Pierre Robin X was developed in collaboration with clinicians from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. This realistic training manikin highlights difficult airway management techniques for infants with Pierre Robin Sequence/Syndrome (PRS). AirSim® airway certified for over 20,000 intubation cycles.

Product Details

Model Features

  • Accurate representation of a pediatric patient with Pierre Robin Sequence
  • Anatomically correct details for true to life medical procedure training
  • Ideal for practicing airway obstruction management techniques
  • Provides realistic feedback during airway management and laryngoscopy practice
  • ‘Real feel’ skin covering for added realism

Medical Procedure Training

  • Double naso-tracheal intubation
  • Endotracheal tube insertion
  • Bag-valve mask (BVM) ventilation techniques
  • Full range of supraglottic devices
  • Direct and video laryngoscopy

Package Contents

  • 1 Carrier case
  • 1 Shipping brochure
  • 1 USB pen drive user manual
  • 1 Bottle of TruCorp® lubrication
  • 2 Baby lung bags
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The AirSim® Pierre Robin X’s anatomically correct airway has been constructed based on real CT data of a six month old infant and exhibits various congenital defects of an infant with PRS including significant mandibular hypoplasia, glossoptosis, cleft palate and a bifid uvula. Our infant difficult airway trainer provides realistic feedback during airway management procedures including bag-valve-mask ventilation, supraglottic device insertion and both naso and orotreacheal intubation.

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TruCorp's line of pediatric airway trainers are the most realistic and durable child and infant airway management training equipment available on the market. Our commitment to innovation and accuracy is consistent across our growing line of intubation manikins and difficult airway management trainers.

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Difficult Pediatric Airway Management Trainer Review

"The Pierre Robin manikin has been incredibly helpful in training our neonatology fellows how to manage a difficult airway.  All of our fellows have benefited greatly from learning to place oral airways, laryngeal mask airways, and endotracheal tubes in this manikin. The anatomy is quite realistic and I have yet to find a better difficult airway training manikin for neonatology."

-Heather French, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

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AirSim® Airway Provides Accurate Anatomy for Lifesaving Training

The AirSim® Pierre Robin X features the innovative and durable AirSim® airway, developed to provide the most realistic airway training possible and a long lifespan. Each AirSim® airway is certified for 20,000+ intubation cycles and backed by a 5-year warranty.

The AirSim® Pierre Robin X model (part no. PR10000X) is the latest version of this airway trainer (formerly the AirSim® Pierre Robin, part no. PR10000).

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