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TruSuture Pads (pack of 5)

Incision and Suture Practice Pad

The TruSuture Pad has been designed for training a range of incision and suture techniques. The surface layer of the three-layer pad is textured to replicate the texture, stretch and resistance of real skin. Simulated skin can be drawn on to create incision guidelines making it ideal for demonstrations and medical training courses. Sold in packs of 5.

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Product Details

Model Features

  • Realistic feel of dermis, muscle and fat layers
  • Durable pad which allows the practice of multiple suture skills over the same incision
  • Pad dimensions: 12cm x 7.5cm x 1cm (4.7”l x 3”w x .4”h)

Medical Procedure Training

  • Linear, ellipse, flap and shaped incisions
  • Interrupted suturing (simple and advanced)
  • Subcuticular suturing
  • Barbed suturing
  • Continuous suturing
  • Subcuticular undermining
  • Stapling

Package Contents

  • 5 TruSuture Pads
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