Tru Corp Intubation Manikins for Emergency Medical Training
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"Confidence in taking care of acutely ill patients"

"The East Africa Training Initiative (EATI) wants to thank TruCorp for their very generous donation of the AirSim intubating mannequin. Our pulmonary & critical care fellows take care of very acutely ill patients both in the intensive care unit and in the bronchoscopy suite at Black Lion Hospital in Addis Ababa and the ability to manage airways that need to be secured is essential. Black Lion is the largest general public hospital in Ethiopia and is the training grounds for many health care providers in Ethiopia. Several of our visiting faculty have given seminars and supervised the fellows in airway management, but the receipt of the TruCorp mannequin has greatly changed our fellows’ airway management skills, especially with regards to direct laryngoscopy. Because we are resource limited, video laryngoscopy and other newer devices which can aid in intubation are not available to us, but having the TruCorp mannequin allows our fellows on a daily basis to practice and sharpen their airway management skills, including their pre-oxygenation skills involving bag valve masking and intubating skills with direct laryngoscopy. This has led to an overall improvement and confidence in taking care of their most acutely ill patients."

-Kevin Felner, NYU School of Medicine 

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